Change mood Instantly.

If you are sad, you can be happy instantly.
If you are happy, you can be sad instantly.
If you are depressed, you can be joyful instantly.
If you feel tired, you can be energetic instantly.
And so on… would you like to know how?

Of course you want to know.

Just one sentence: “It is all in the mind.”

And the mind is stupid; it does not know what it wants; you know what you want, but the mind does not; you see, the mind has a mind of its own.

Your heart desires success—5 million dollars, that Lamborghini, and that hot chick—but your mind desires an extra 30 minutes of sleep.not because it needs it but just because your mind likes it.

You just have to take control of that mind. Every time it distracts, wanders, or does stupid things, you have to grab it by the collar and tell him, “You piece of shit, do what I say.”

Now, the mind is not all stupid and dumb; it is your mistake that you made it dumb, so there is no need to curse it badly. You have to sit together and explain and tell your mind what you need it to do. For that, you will have to spend time with it, and it is up to you how you do it. Go meditate, look in the mirror, take a walk, etc. The method is not important; spending time with your mind and explaining it is.

So if you are sad, talk with your mind. Ask why it is sad. Clear the air between your mind and yourself. Most of the time, there is only miscommunication between you and your mind, which interprets signals differently than what you should have.


  • You failed an exam, and your mind interprets it as “Now you will live on the streets eating dog shit.”
  • You have a headache, and your mind interprets it as last-stage cancer.
  • You were rejected by that girl, and your mind interprets now you will masturbate for the rest of your life.
  • Someone eats a bat, and you think a new pandemic is coming.

The problem is that we have trained it to only be in extremes and have not provided it with any grey areas to be in instead of the mind thinking or we simply have to train it to think like “maybe this,” “maybe that,” “this is not bad,” “it is awesome because of this,” etc. and let it wander in the grey areas. Once in the grey area, it becomes easier to pull it into the good zone.

Do this often, and once you get the hang of it, your mind will do it for you automatically, proving it was not so bad after all. And that’s all there is.

Thats it for now byeeeee!

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