Life learnings from Naruto | Complete review

Good day, everyone! Today, I’ll be reviewing and sharing life lessons from Naruto, a popular anime series that is also one of my favorites. This is one of the longest shows I’ve ever seen, with over 700 episodes, but it’s well worth watching.

Why Naruto?

One of my anime-obsessed friends suggested I check it out. I had been watching animes, but they were usually only 12-50 episodes long, and 700+ episodes felt like too much of a commitment for me. But I had heard good things about Naruto and I sometimes encountered Naruto memes. So, just for the sake of FOMO, I started to watch and, oh boy, one of the best anime I have ever watched. It has an awesome storyline and is packed with inspiration and motivational effects.

Tip : Google filler episodes and skip those it will save a lot of your time without disturbing the main story.

I will give a short summary of the series and then I will share my learning from the show. I also asked my friends about the things they learnt from the show.


Warning : I have tried to keep this summary as short as possible so that there aren’t many spoilers. However, there are some great big spoilers without which it would not be possible to describe Naruto. 


In a village called Konoha, there is Naruto, a small kid who aspires to be a hokage (their village head). But on the day he was born, a nine-tailed demon attacked his village. To save the village his father Minato, also the 4th hokage, sealed this 9-tailed beast inside Naruto. Because of this, the whole village is afraid of him and hates him, but kid Naruto tries his best to attract the attention of the villagers by doing silly things a kid does. 

Naruto enrols in the Ninja Academy. Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno are members of Team 7, which is led by teacher Kakashi Hatake. These three are studying to become ninjas.

Naruto wants to become the greatest ninja and hokage of his village, Sasuke wants to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha and Sakura umm… well she likes Sasuke.

All three make an excellent team and become good friends. But then a lot of things happened, and there were several face-off fights between Naruto and Sasuke. Both wanted power, but for different reasons. Naruto wants power to be loved and respected by his village, whereas Sasuke simply wants revenge. In the end, Sasuke goes rogue and joins forces with a great villian named Orochimaru in order to gain powers and become strong enough to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha.

Naruto Shippuden

Years later everyone has grown up and Naruto is not a stupid kid anymore and he is still in search of Sasuke.cAlso he learns to control the power of the 9 tailed fox(Kurama) inside him.

Itachi Uchiha is also a member of a group known as The Akatsuki. They are on a mission to capture all of the tailed beasts, one of which is inside Naruto. The Akatsukis are very tough and great villains; a lot has happened here, and they have captured the majority of the tailed beasts.

Pain (Nagato) from Akatsuki is another iconic character from the series who is a villain but also has some interesting philosophy about the world being trapped in an endless cycle of hatred.

Fearful of this development, the villages band together to prepare for The 4th great ninja war. Fast forward a lot of flashbacks and story development later, When war breaks out, all kinds of crazy things happen. All previous hokages are resurrected using a special reanimation jutsu (Ninja magic stuff), and the world’s greatest and most powerful villain, Madara Uchiha, appears. Madara sweeps the floor with everyone else.

Naruto and Sasuke are shown as the representations of Indra and Asura, the sons of the founder of Shinobi, also known as Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki(the sage of six paths). Hashirama Senju and Madara shared the same bond and fate as Indra and Asura. This same endless war was passed on to Naruto and Sasuke. It was up to them to reconcile and find peace.


Below are some of the lessons I’ve learned, and I also asked my friends what they learned, which I’ve included below.

Never give up. – This is the most common lesson you’ll learn from Naruto. You will be inspired and motivated by Naruto’s will and dedication. He is a wonderful child who never accepts no for an answer, especially during difficult times.

There will always be someone stronger than you. – No matter how strong you are right now, someone will always be stronger than you, and you will have no control over it. Just keep competing with yourself and becoming a better version of yourself every day.

Nobody is born a Villain. – Nobody is bad or evil from birth. People become evil simply as a result of their experiences.

Don’t live in past – There is no point in dwelling on your past, whether it was good or bad. If you keep remembering your bad days, you will be unable to move on and will judge the entire world on the basis of your past experience, denying yourself the ability to be happy.

Love is worth fighting for – The only thing that matters and that everyone desires is love. It is always better to fight for what you believe in, whether that is a person, values, peace, or freedom

Have healthy competition – Competing is the only thing that allows us to improve, but sometimes this goes too far, and the competition becomes unhealthy when you start obsessing over someone. Instead, compete in a friendly manner or with yourself.

There is always a light – No matter how bad today is, good days will always follow, and things will always get better if you just give it time. Never give up hope.

Make friends– A friend will take care of you and support you in the difficult times. With friends, the journey of life gets easier. Having true friends is a blessing and not giving up on them is important.

Hinata is cute “I want her” – 🤤


Each character is unique and brings something unique to the story and personality. I have yet to find a show that I have enjoyed as much as this one. I’m disappointed that this ended so quickly for me because I binge-watched it back to back.

There is Boruto that can be watched after this, but I have not heard good things about it. Still, I will give it a chance as soon as I can.

Till then read some of my other posts on awesome shows and movies here.

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