Secret to surviving anywhere?

Hello everyone!! I’m Rajesh, and I’d like to talk to you about how to survive anywhere. I’m not sure how this will turn out. I’m just trying to put my thoughts into words here.


I’ve always wondered what it takes to survive in this world in terms of livelihood. What is it that will enable anyone to survive any situation or industry? What is the secret ingredient required for the success of our survival, whether it is a job or a business?

So, if you’re in a room with 1000 other people, all striving for the same goal, what are the deciding factors that will increase your chances of achieving that goal or ranking among the top ten? Every one of the 1000 people will work hard and have similar skill sets, so what will set you apart? After a lot of research, I discovered that it is more about your mindset than your skill set.

What can I give?

We always have an answer to the question, “What do I want?” we never stop to ask ourselves “What can I give?”

I’ve listed a few things below that I believe will help you find your answer to the question “what can I give?”

Value – You can make a valuable addition to your client or to society. You will be able to provide value when you take one step extra for others. The one step that no one else takes. Maybe your client asked you for 10 but you gave 10+1. This is how you will give value and it will increase your chance of survival.

Skill – learn something that you think you are the best at, something that no one can do better than you. If you are the only person, then others will get dependent on you and then you will be the person who will survive any challenges and competition.

Trust & Honesty – Trust and honesty are hard to come by these days, and they come at a high price. If you can give this, then you will have the greatest chance of survival. What are your thoughts on the qualities of those who protect the Prime Minister or the national banks?

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