Things I learned from Atomic Habits – by James Clear

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

It is not easy to be motivated all the time but what is easy is to be habituated to do something every day. This year I started reading books and it has been so long that I had stayed away from book reading and you can say I lost habit of reading so bought this book Atomic Habit – by James Clear

You do not rise to level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear

This book I can recommend to anyone who is wants to improve their habits. In this book James puts light on how habits can change out life for the better or for the worse. Habits are necessary because it is effortless to follow your habits you see our brain does not like to be engaged all the time so it tries to automate things. Things that would otherwise require a significant amount of effort. e.g. when you feel hot you turn on the fan, when you lie down on your couch you automatically turn on your Television or your Instagram feeds or watching YouTube videos. You see if this were not your habits then these activities would have taken your brain considerable amount of effort but was automated by your brain which means it is a good thing your brain is Working!!! Congrats!

Now, here is the bad part all these habits are kind of bad and they are kind of destroying you and every time you give into your bad habits you are telling your brain its fine to skip gym today or it is fine to eat extra double loaded cheese burger or you will be fine binge watching this new show instead of working/studying do this once in a while its fine but start repeating it frequently and now this becomes your identity.

Good habits makes time your Ally and bad habits make time your Enemy

James Clear

Basically your habits compound over time so even if you improve by 1% each day by end of year you would have progressed by more than 300% also opposite is true if you get 1% worse each day.

Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become

James Clear

Now I understand making good habits can be hard, painful and what not but trust me once the system is in place it gets very easy. that’s right we don’t have to look at it as habits it makes it sound scary instead we can put small small mechanisms in place to form habits. here are some techniques

  • Plan the details. just just say “I want to eat healthy.” or “I will exercise” instead say every day I will go to gym for 30 mins after my work at 5pm or say “I will eat boiled egg for breakfast and vegetable’s for lunch and a glass of Milk before sleep.” So, Plan the details
  • Make a habit such that it is doable in 2 minutes such that going to gym becomes putting on gym clothes. reading a book becomes reading a page etc. Our brain likes simple and easy things so if we can trick our brain to put effort for just 2 minutes and once we are started then we automatically keep going longer than 2 minutes because hell we have already changed clothes for gym

Don’t stop be consistent, Tiny changes gives remarkable results

James Clear

Things are difficult and struggle at first because the neurological pathways has not been made yet once our brain is trained then it gets a lot easier trust me using this I have made a habit of waking up early in the morning.

And Today I am forming this new habit of writing blogs so here is my say “Every day before I go to bed I will write at least 150 words of article”.

This was all for today folks see you later……

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