Alma Matters Netflix Complete | Learnings & Review

Just completed watching Alma Matters. Streaming on Netflix and released on 14 May 2021. This show has one of the highest ratings on IMDb. This post is about my learnings from this show and review of the series.

Alma Matters

Honestly I don’t watch documentary that much. Then, I saw Biswa in Trailer for few seconds and thought this is going to be a comedy show about IIT šŸ˜‚. Alma Matters is a 3 Episode series with each episode just about an hour. I liked this documentary direction and the story telling. One more thing that kept me to binge watch the episodes is the background music.

I found about JEE and IIT in 12th Standard. everyone was crazy for this exam and getting into IIT. I never cared about going to IIT as I lacked the dedication needed to survive there. This show took me on the journey of how my life would have been If somehow I had managed to get into IIT. This show revolves around IIT Kharagpur

Getting into IIT

To get into IIT students study very hard for 2 years. Students survive their jail of eat – sleep- study -repeat cycle for getting into IIT. Because this IIT is going to be their freedom. So once they are into IIT Why will they study now as they have achieved their freedom?. Because of hype around IIT they studied hard and manage to get into IIT. They don’t have any higher goals or reason for joining the IIT. Because getting into IIT is the goal itself and then this changes to getting the best Placement package at the end of their IIT journey. Questions students are forced to ask themselves are “What has more scope?” or “What will give better salary?”.


Some students do figure out what they want to do even after they have completed their degree. For students who have found their passion and know what they want to do are not able to study subject of their choice because they got few less marks in ranking and now Instead of Computer Science they have to study metallurgy. With time number of students has increased but the number of faculties didn’t. It is no longer a 30-40 students batch. Hence, teachers cannot give attention to each and every students.


Competition at IIT is very unforgiving because the number of students is very huge and the fight is neck to neck. IITians are called the cream of the nation. Some are here only because they had to and not because they wanted to. Life only gets harder after you get into IIT. Here studying is not enough, you need to study for the job. Some are not able to take these pressure and suicide.

It does not not allow you to sit on your laurels. because if you sit you will be left far behind.

Also there is inequality in boys to girls ratio. Because of this girls feel afraid to take up any roles as they feel outnumbered.

Life at IIT

Students spend their 5 years at IIT. They organize many activities and celebrate festivals. But number of students getting involved are decreasing over time. Because they have multiple options like mobiles, laptops, games, etc. Instead of collaborating and enjoying with each other.

One such event is Illu during Diwali. Illuminated images are made using more than 2 lakh diyas.


Parents don’t pressurize you, you are pressurized by livelihood.

Finally the most important reason why students go to IIT Placements!!! During this time friends comes to the rescue. Friends take mock test of each other and help in getting ready with shoes and blazers. Expectations are very high. They attend exams at night and get ready for Interviews in the morning.

In this process some get the job they want. some get the job they don’t want and some get nothing. This is really like condition of any other colleges.

It’s not about how much you know, it’s about how you present yourself to that person on that day

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