How to slow down time⏳?

You control your time.

Do you feel time is moving by very fast now? When you recall your childhood, a single day seemed like an eternity and you were able to achieve so much, but now months and years passes by and you don’t even know how this time went by so fast and you have no memory of it. And finally, wishing only if the day was longer than 24 hours, maybe 50 hours a day would have been nice.

So do you want to know what happened and what changed? Why does it feel like time is flying by too quickly? Is there a way to slow down time a little so that you can relax? If yes, then keep reading…

The science behind

I don’t want to bore you with the science here, but let’s see how we humans perceive time. Whenever we do something, the brain forms a memory and stores it in our brain hard drive. This memory represents a moment in time, and whenever we recall this memory, we get the feeling of the time we lived, and that’s nice. But the brain is a very lazy and efficient machine. It does not have to store memories that are not new. Storing multiple copies of a memory where you are going to the office from the same route serves no purpose for the brain, and therefore, this memory does not go to the permanent memory drive of the brain. And since there is no memory of that time, it feels like you just skipped that time.

Time flies, moments remain!

And this is the main reason why it feels like time has sped up. It is just that we are not doing enough new things and not making enough memories for our brains to put them on the memory hard drive. When we were kids, everything was new and everything had to be stored, hence it felt like it took a long time, but as we grow up, we fall into routines and do the same things every day. like travelling to job, working on same thing and going to same place hence memories are not formed and poof year goes by.

So, slowing time is simple. Make new memories.

Here are what you can do.

Become self-aware – Most of our lives go on autopilot and we are not aware of what exactly is happening around us. We should take care that we are not living half a life, so attention is the key here.

Go on an Adventure Travel to new places and explore them. This will keep your brain occupied and you will feel that you have done a lot of things and have achieved a lot in life in such a short time and you will not feel that the day is moving by very fast.

Next, something you can do is break your routine. Take a different route to work today; it will make new memories.

Keep a journal and log the tasks and accomplishments that you complete each day. While there are multiple benefits to keeping a journal, one being that when you feel that time is passing very quickly, come to your journal and read it, and your brain will recall all those memories.

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