I have never Failed!!

Throughout my school and college years, I never faced any failure. I always got decent grades, and I thought I was successful until last year.

But in reality, I failed multiple times😭.

I failed every time I didn’t raise my hand🤚 to my teacher’s questions because I was afraid I might be wrong❌.

I failed every time I wanted to do something but was too scared😨 to take the chance.

I failed every time I didn’t share my feelings and thoughts.

I failed every time I ignored challenges outside my comfort☺️ zone. because it seemed too difficult🥵.

I failed every time I skipped an opportunity to give a speech or presentation🤵 because I was afraid.

I failed last year when I wanted to make this post, but I didn’t because it felt stupid.

The sad part is I failed without even participating.

Now, I am not a motivational speaker (Mera to life hi kharab hai😭)

Fortunately, I am lucky to have this realization, and now I take all the hard tasks and I take my chances not listening to what society and people have to say (while not being a moron in the process), and now I have many failures and I celebrate them.

Because if you are not failing, you are not learning, you are not growing, and you are not living.

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“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

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