The monk who sold his Ferrari | Book review

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I’d had my eye on this book for quite some time. I was expecting some sort of story in which some insanely wealthy person donates all of his earnings and sells his expensive Ferrari to live a simple life. Which is true in some ways, but the author, Robin Sharma, has some interesting things to say in this book.

Without wasting any of your time, I’ll get right to the point of what I learned from this book and the main points to remember. Now, I should warn you that you may not find anything particularly noteworthy, and you may feel as if you have already learned or understood these concepts for a long time. That’s fine, but have you put them into practice in your life? If not, take this post as a wake-up call to review these items and begin implementing them right away.


We are slaves to our minds; we believe we have control over them, but we rarely do, and this needs to change. Every day, thousands of thoughts enter our minds, but only about 10% of them are useful and positive, and I’m being generous when I say 10%. As a result, pay attention to your thoughts and exert control over them. Our personality, actions, successes, and failures are all shaped by our thoughts.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose

Make goals and make an effort to achieve them. Use techniques such as writing down your goals on a piece of paper and reading them aloud.

Motivation does not work. You need to make it a habit and be consistent with it. With habits, all the things become automatic and give a high return in the end.

Everyone is made equal by the passage of time. Every day, everyone has the same amount of time, and what you do with it is extremely important. As an example, I am currently using my time to write this post.

We can’t change what happened in the past, and we can’t predict what will happen in the future. The only thing we have control over is the present. Take pleasure in it.

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