Lessons from Ron’s Gone Wrong | Movie on social media friends and true friends

I am writing after a long time😅

I watched a movie. “Ron’s Gone Wrong”. From this title we understand nothing, but this is one of the animated movies that I have watched and I absolutely loved it. Just look at this trailer below, and then in this post I will share things that I took from this movie.

In this movie, there is a company that sells robots to children that are all connected to each other, and it is supposed to help children make friends. In short, just like our mobile phones but on steroids, among these is our hero, Barney. He does not have a bbot but he wants one. On his birthday, his dad gets him a book, but it is weird and what happens next? I want you to watch the movie to find out.

It is a comedy movie and, just like all animated movies, has some really nice take-home messages. The bbot in this looks very similar to Baymax from Big Hero 6, but extremely annoying in a cute way and I love it.

It is very sad like “If you don’t ask, they can’t say no.” It is very similar to one of my favourites, “If you don’t ask, then it is always No.” Here, Barney is afraid to reach out and ask his friends to come to his birthday party because of this fear and anxiety that maybe they will laugh and not want to be part of his birthday party.

You don’t make friends, you choose friends, and it is a very strong statement. In the film, the Bot Corporation matches children with people who share similar interests and tastes, but this is just a competition, and it demonstrates how people these days are insecure, afraid, and full of doubts and low self-confidence because they compare their lives with others on the internet. What people forget is that others only share the most exciting and happening parts of their lives, and this does not happen all the time. Comparing others’ digital lives with your own is just not healthy.

And on topic of friendship it is not some like of code or mathematical formula.

Luckily one bbot made his own meaning of friendship

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