Lucifer Season 5 part 2 Explained & Learnings

I just completed watching the latest season of Lucifer and here are my findings from the series. I have watched this from the very start and I liked the concept. However, the story had started to grow weaker to keep me interested, but then God made his entry in last season. So I had to watch this. Before I move ahead, I want to say yeah, you can go ahead and watch this season part 2 and it is decent, nothing great, just decent.

**spoiler alert**

Question : Did lucifer become God?

Ans : Yes, just after Lucifer managed to bring Chloe back from heaven and we see that Chloe is beating the shit out of Michael and just when she was about to kill Michael for good, we see Lucifer in the scene and he asks her to stop. This should not be a surprise because Lucifer is renewed for the next season and since the name of the show itself is Lucifer, he can not die just yet. So yeah, he is back and we can confirm that he is god right now and hence the phrase “Oh my me”.

Question : How did lucifer became a God in the last episode?

Ans : I think the reason is plain simple and old since lucifer put Chloe above him and wanted to help and we also see him showing some maturity in this season as compared to being a total jerk in previous seasons. Hence he simply became worthy of becoming a god and he was forgiven and now he is a God.

Question : Will lucifer stay a God forever?

Ans : I strongly feel No! I think the situation will arise in the last season where lucifer will give up his God position and start living with Chloe and Amenadiel will become the next God. I hope there is some twist to this else it will be very boring and disappointing

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