Overcome Spotlight Effect | People are not watching you.

Hello Guys….!

Have you ever gone to a party or an event and you tried to dance? But you couldn’t or danced awkwardly because you thought everyone was watching you and judging your every move?

This happened to me a lot, and it’s not just in dance; it happens in every aspect of life, whether it’s raising your hand in class to answer a question or presenting your ideas in a meeting, and it’s very costly when you take or don’t take big steps in your life simply because you overestimate the fact that other people are watching you and judging your every move.

For others, you are not the most important person, because for them, they themselves are the important people.

In fact, there’s a term for it: the spotlight effect. where you are a performer in the centre of the stage with the entire world as your audience judging your every move. This sensation of being in the spotlight arises from our belief that we are the most important people on the planet, and that everyone is constantly watching us. I don’t want to discourage you, but you are not the most important people for others because they are the most important people for them, and they, too, are suffer from this spotlight effect.

With the knowledge that we are not the most important people and that no one is watching us, we can overcome the spotlight effect, though it will not happen overnight.

If you ever feel like someone is watching you, simply be aware and tell yourself, “So what if they’re watching, I’m just doing my thing.” with this attitude it will eventually go away.

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