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This is one of the earliest books that was recommended to me even before I started habit of reading. This book isn’t about being wealthy or successful. However, anyone can use the tactics given to achieve any level of wealth and success they wish. Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book “The Power of Subconscious Mind” is a wonderful guide for learning the true power of our subconscious mind.

I am happy this book was not hard on language and very simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed reading this book and here are my learnings and takeaways from this book.

We have 2 minds

Conscious mind

The conscious mind is the mind that we control, and it is with this mind that we think, imagine, and literally perform all of our tasks. So solving math problems or playing a game are the activities you control using the conscious part of your mind. It is powerful, but not as powerful as the other part of the mind.

Subconscious mind

The subconscious mind controls of all of your body’s vital functions and has the answers to all of your problems. If properly trained, this mind will provide you with an endless supply of million-dollar ideas, cure you of any disease, and solve any problem. The issue is that this mind operates independently of us, and we have no direct influence over it. As a result, we can’t exactly order the subconscious mind to provide you with all of the answers or ideas. You have to train your subconscious mind to work for your benefit. Unfortunately, most of the time we train it to work against us, which is why we are constantly less confident, worried, and depressed. This book explains how we can, in a way, control this immense power and get it to work for us. 

Because the subconscious mind has no boundaries or limits, it can think things that the conscious mind cannot.

Feed your own story to subconscious mind

If you think good, good will follow.

Most of the time, people say negative things like, “I am not good,” “this is not right,” “bad things will happen,” and so on, and with thoughts like this, bad things will happen. Have you ever wondered why this happens?. If saying negative things causes negative things to happen, is it possible to tell ourselves nice things in order for nice things to happen?

The subconscious mind is always looking for confirmation of your beliefs, so if you think negatively, it will focus on all the negative things. For example, if you say, “I am not good at giving speeches, and if I give speeches, people will laugh at me,”. In this case, when you go to give the speech, your subconscious mind will look for laughing faces in the audience to confirm that you were correct.

But, if you tell yourself, “I feel confident I’m doing great, I’m getting better at giving speeches, people are listening to my speeches,”. In this case, your subconscious mind will be focused on your content, specifically on finding positive confirmation.

The most important step is to believe.

You are not what you think you are, but what you THINK, you ARE.

Brian Tracy

Believing is difficult. It’s not about deceiving yourself because your subconscious mind can detect deception. You must have a strong belief in yourself, that you are wealthy and successful. Visualize yourself succeeding, and you’ll be more alert to opportunities and more likely to succeed. This will take a lot of practice. You can make use of a technique known as repetition. Write down your goals on paper and read them aloud every night before you go to bed.

Path will not be straight but you will get what you want.

Sleep over it

Sometimes when we are performing some tasks we get stuck on some problems and are unable to find solution. In this case it is better to stop that task for the time being and focus on another task or even better just go to sleep. Give your subconscious mind time to work on the problem. You will be surprised that just by giving yourself some time you will be able to solve any complex problems. Many times you will see that you get solution when you are in a shower or you spend your whole day and night in frustration and that same problem you are able to solve in the morning.

In short assign the task to your subconscious mind and Involve in some other work. While doing other work subconscious mind will try to take inspiration and develop solutions from current work. However, one thing to note is that Don’t be lazy and make sure you have passed on the instructions to your subconscious mind

Never go to sleep without giving a request to your subconscious.

Thomas Edison

Subconscious Healing

We all have heard at least one story of a person where the doctor had given hope but patients were able to heal itself only because they had trained their subconscious mind. I think it is also the reason why we hear stories of peoples getting success after going to temples and giving offerings to god. While existence of god is certainly debatable But those who believe in god their beliefs are the strongest and this is why they are able to easily convince their subconscious mind that they will get better after they do this activity and then they really get better. Lying will not work we need to be honest in our actions and behavior.

Note : Bad part is if your beliefs are negative then it is also true that bad things will happen.


Autosuggestion is an idea where you give suggestions and advice to yourself. It is like giving a pep talk to yourself. Example telling yourself “You can do better”, “You got this”, “It is fine” etc. Author also warns about Hetero-suggestion. We all are victim of hetero-suggestion where we are told by people that “You cant do this”, “You will fail”, “It is not the right way” etc. If you constantly listen to things like this and once you start getting doubtful It is OVER. There is a story where a fortune teller told a man his time of death and the man got so worried with this that he really did die.

Hence identify & stay away from these toxic people.

This was it guys for this book summary see you in the next post.

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