You Don’t Need To Be Perfect !!


Have you found yourself in situation when you want to do something but you say things like “I will start studying at 12pm”,”I will start workout from Monday”, “I will learn piano when I get holiday from my job” or “I will start from 1st of next month”?. Also have you ever discarded your project because it was not up to your standard of perfection and got demotivated?. If this is you then congratulations you are like the majority of population. But my articles are not about being like the majority. It is about standing unique from the rest.

So why does this happen. Why can’t you just start with whatever task you have right away instead of waiting for the perfect time and a perfect situation?

Because we are humans and we trained our brain to accept things that look perfect like the 1st of month feels perfect to start anything, 1st of Jan feels perfect to start your gym goals, exact time like 12, 1 or 2 feels right while time like 12:17 or 1:38 feels very wrong for doing any tasks. It is because we like perfection. The perfect day, The perfect time, The perfect art or work. And even a little imperfection makes our body shiver.

Don’t do this.

With this you don’t go anywhere. Rather you go farther from your goals. This is you procrastinating your work and it is fine if you are occupied in another priority work at the moment. But if you are just chilling and watching TV series then GET UP AND GET TO WORK!!

Things you could have done right now, you are delaying it for later. You are just wasting your time waiting for things to get perfect. Treat your time as you treat your money with care and spend wisely and mostly on important things. Just like you use money for occasional parties and dinner nights it is fine to use your time to relax, watch movies and play video games once in a while. But don’t spend all your time in this. Because this life is really short. To know how short read this other article here.

Sorry for getting lost there😅. So I was talking about its ok not being perfect. Because of this reason I have lost so much time and I lost chance that I should have taken. because sometimes in trying to make things perfect I didn’t make it at all. and get frustrated over small small details and then used back off instead of presenting what I have.

You can never be perfect. You are continuously evolving learning and adapting. So now that we know a perfect day and situation will never come what should you do?

Just start

Don’t over analyze and don’t look left or right just do what you feel seems right and work on that. There is no point to procrastinate whatever work you want to do. if you think you should be doing it tomorrow do it today if you think you should do it today, do it right now. Just start

One at a Time

Don’t juggle multiple things at a time. You may think you are good at multi tasking. But you are not. Doing multiple things at once only gets you distracted and there is time loss and mental processing loss in context switching when you switch between tasks frequently.


improve skills

Once you have started working and the you have taken the first step now what you have to do if you have to be consistent. So whatever you have started to do, Do it everyday and then try to improve. Even minor improvements will be fine even if you improve 1% every day it will be more than 300% at the end of the year. So just improve.

How I fought this issue.

I wanted to start my YouTube channel and my blog three years ago but I never because I always thought I will do it later the next month, after 6 month, after one year, after I complete my job, after I complete my studies. but, that one day never come when I would be starting my YouTube journey.

So I just made one commitment made a little investment. When I wanted to do blog I just bought a domain and hosting. I made myself sure that I will not be procrastinate. Because I invested my money in it and then took the first step and as I have mentioned it gets easier later. So it did get easier for me. But sometimes I felt I am getting bored but I never give up and I am continuously trying that even right now.

Comparing my work.

I started by understanding that I will never be perfect but I know one thing that I will be getting better and better over the time. So whenever I am make my new work or do something new I try to compare it with my previous work and make sure that this one is better than the last one. This gives me hope and motivates me to continue throughout my journey.

This was it from me guys I hope you liked this article and my broken English😬. Thanks for stopping by. Do checkout my other articles here.

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