Stowaway Movie Ending Explained

Stowaway (2021)

I am always fascinated by space. I remember when I was in my 6th grade I bought a very costly book. This book was about space moon, gravity, stars nebulas, rockets. These topics were difficult for my friends and even my teachers at that time. Long story short I love watching movies related to space and space travel.

Stowaway is a movie that I delayed watching because its rating was not that good on IMDb. I know rating is not everything but still subconsciously I avoid watching movies that are not highly rated. I know with this attitude of mine I have missed on a lot of movies that was not approved by the majority.

Anyways I watched this movie Stowaway from Netflix and I think you should watch this. This is not a direct comparison but if you like that movie Gravity that was released sometime back then you might like this one. If you enjoy space travel films that has few characters and maybe not too much of a plot and tries describes the condition of a person travelling in space with just few centimeters of metal betwen them and the vast scary space.

The direction and cinematography is nice. The music and sound effects are excellent. The thrill, tension and fear of the actors can be felt through the sounds effects. The actors with their acting skills are excellent and the plot is also decent. But if you know me then these are not the reason why I watch movies. I watch it for messages and to take some learnings and these are the things I learned.

Space is scary and boring. When we Imagine we only think of it from a perspective and it feels awesome to be on such a journey but it is very boring and long journey far from everyone.

Women are strong!! Zoe tries her best to get Oxygen for stowaway Michael in the movie. She takes initiative to climb the tethers all to save this unknown person on ship. Zoe is also shown physically fit person.

Stowaway Ending Explained

What happened to Zoe in the end?

In the last scene it is discussed that only two people can survive with current resource on the ship and if they can retrieve the tank and three people can survive. Here Zoe decides she will sacrifice herself because this was her idea and Mariana must survive to control the ship, Michael is not fit to retrieve the tank asking from David will be too much. So Zoe goes and retrieves the tank and is heavily infected by solar storm radiation poisoning. With this poisoning she dies….

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