The Diary Of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

Why I picked this book

I had a section of this book in school a long time ago. I was aware of some aspects of this book. Recently began reading about Hitler, the Nazis, and concentration camps. With this, I was reminded of a young girl’s diary. I thought I could read this because it was written by a child, and I assumed the language would be simple for me to understand.

I bought this book and it really is very easy to read. However this book is an English translation of the diary that the author had written. Author had originally written this in Dutch and a little of English here and there.

My diary writing practice

Before I continue about this book. I would like to share my experience about keeping a diary. So starting of this year I brought a pen and a diary and every night I am writing stuffs into it. This practice has been very helpful for me. For two reasons. One it helps me take my feelings off from my mind when I am sad or depressed. Two this allows me to reflect back on my past state of mind. And I think when you are able to go back and see how your mind thinks and the stuff that goes into it you are able to change and take help of your younger self for your current problems. If you are not writing it yet then start now.


This book is a diary written by a girl names Anne Frank. She started writing this when she was 13yr old in a diary that was given to her as a present for her birthday. Few days after writing. Anne and her family and an another family together had to moved into hiding place because Adolf Hitler had launched an aggressive campaign against the Jews.

This diary contains 2 years of Anne Frank’s personal diary entries. Here she mentions every thing about herself, friends, families, her wishes, her relationship with this guy Peter, her views on politics, her views on life, happiness and sadness.

How they celebrate festivals and occasions when they were in hiding all the hardships they had to face when they were in hiding. Every little thing in detail and with clear vividness. The Fear of getting caught in sleep, and the gun firings that she and her family used to hear all has been captured in her diary.

She started writing this diary casually but got to write seriously when a member of the Dutch government told public to save their letters, diaries, journals and photographs. Anne was inspired by this and her intention was to publish her journal after the war was over

Sadly Anne Frank and her family were caught after 2 years and out into the concentration camp where she died of typhus epidemic in the camps that killed thousands of prisoners. Otto Frank her father was the only survivor. He found this diary and published this.

My learnings from this book

We should start keeping a diary and write in it regularly. It gives very good results in personal improvement over long period of time.

We should be calm in any kind of situation just like Anne. Not overthinking and retaining our inside child.

Be yourself, form your own goals and have your own opinions and never give up on yourself and your dreams.

Appreciate the good that still remains around you.

As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?

Anne Frank
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