The richest man in Babylon – by George S. Clason

A Part of all you earn is yours to keep

This is a story about a man who is you guessed it.. Who is richest in Babylon and this book is about his philosophy of getting rich and how anyone can get rich and Mind you it takes hard work and patience.

Question : Given a choice between a bag of Gold and a book of wisdom what will you choose?

Answer : Men are fools they ignore the wisdom and waste the gold

My learnings from the book –

  • For each 10 coin you earn spend only nine.
  • Make this one coin work for you and generate income stream.
  • Guard this income from loss seek advice of people who are experts in their domain of investment.
  • Have insurance savings account and dependable investments to guard ourselves against unexpected tragedies. Better a little caution than a great regret.

First learn to live on less than you could earn. Next learn to seek advice from those who were competent through their own experiences to give it you “would you trust the knowledge of a brickmaker about jewels?” and lastly make the saved money work for you.

While most will argue that rich people are rich because of their good luck and not everyone can be this lucky you are right but listen to this –

To attract good luck it is necessary to take advantages of opportunities and

Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.

Do not procrastinate don’t let opportunities slip by so when bargain is wise make payment immediately. To attract good luck it is necessary to take advantage of opportunities. Men of actions are favoured by goddess of luck

Desire must be definite and simple. They defeat their own purpose if there are too many ,too confusing, or beyond a man’s training to accomplish

Finally, once you understand & start with above tips After that Being consistent is the key.

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