Finding Your Ikigai | Book Review |Book Summary

‘IKIGAI’ – a reason to jump out of bed each morning

This book guides us in finding our own IKIGAI. It is a Japanese secret for living a long and happy life.

The whole concept of IKIGAI is explained by just the following diagram.

A happy man is too satisfied with present to dwell on the future.

Albert Einstein

Basically finding your IKIGAI is a 4 part process and each part is a question that you ask yourself. Once you have a single answer that satisfies all the 4 questions you will have your IKIGAI. your own reason and secret to a long and happy life.

We don’t create meaning of our life, We discover it.

What are you good at?

what are you good at

List down all the things that you are good at it could be anything your work , hobby etc.

e.g. Writing a software program, Teaching , Writing, Solving problem, Making videos, Creating music, Managing people etc.

You can go into as detail as possible. Take a day or two and just fill your sheet with as many items as possible.

What you love?

what you love

One you have the list with all the things from above question. Start filtering the items with the things that you actually love to do. Things that even if you are not paid or given any monetary benefit you will still do.

e.g. Teaching, Making videos etc.

Take your time and carefully select the things that you truly love.

What the world needs?

Out of the things are remaining from the above step. Analyze what you believe the world needs the most right now and what items on your list you can actually contribute to the world.

for e.g. you may think the world needs more teachers, youtubers, movies etc.

What can you be paid for?

get paid for

With the things that are left in the above step filter the things that by doing you can actually get paid and earn money.

for e.g. a teacher on YouTube

Chances are you will be left with one or two thing and this will be your purpose, your IKIGAI. It wont be as easy as it sounds. It may take time and a lot of self reflection. I am still figuring out my ‘IKIGAI’.

Apart from this the book has few exercise and eating habits that we can practice. Most of the knowledge comes from a small place in Japan called Okinawa. For they I highly recommend you read the book.

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