Predestination (2014) – Movie Review

Personal best science fiction movie ever

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Alright ! Review Time as you know I am crazy for science fiction movie. I found this movie way back when it released in 2014 it was not very popular movie but I was simple dumbstruck after watching this and even today if someone wants a recommendation on movie this is the movie that sits on top of my head.

So what’s so Interesting about this movie?

Well for starters, This is a science fiction and it is on time travel and the paradox that is caused by traveling in time and changing some events and some great consequences caused by travelling in time.

Before I start with spoilers I would like to inform the readers to watch this movie before and here is my ratings for this movie

  • Story 5/5
  • Acting 5/5
  • Cinematography 5/5
  • Direction 5/5

I guess that’s enough now go and watch this movie because from here on there are spoilers

** spoiler warning **

As this is a science fiction and a time travel movie so where to start with the description is a little tricky and I give hats off to the story writer and director for coming up with such a masterpiece so here it goes –

In 1975 There is a person ‘fizzle-bomber’ who is planting bombs across the city and this time traveler goes to stop him but in a fight the bomber manages to escape and the bomb explodes in face of time travelers face gets burnt he has a plastic surgery gets new face.

This bartender meets a customer called John and asks for his story and if the story is worth he wins a bottle of drink. So now the story of this John is like She was born a female and was called with name Jane at an orphanage she did not fit in with other children’s at orphanage and thus did not maintain relationship with anyone. Later as a teenager she applied for a space program she was very fit and excellent in her training but she was disqualified for some medical reason that she was not told about.

She then moves and works as a helper and writes confession articles under a pen name “The Unmarried Mother” and took night schools and One night after the school she met a guy he was handsome, rich and promised to take care of her she was happy both got close. One day this guy told her he will be back in a moment but he never got back she was approached by the same person at the space agency for a very secretive job offer she accepted but she was pregnant so she was disqualified again at hospital her child was stolen and the doctor discovered she was an intersex and had both female sexual organs internalized male organs due to complications her female organs had to be removed and has to live as a man now so this She Jane is now Living as a He John.

What if I could put him in front of you, the man that ruined your life? If I could guarantee that you’d get away with it, would you kill him?

The Bartender

He hated that bastard for ruining her life and getting her pregnant. This bartender giver john offer to take back in time at when her older self had met that mysterious person who got her pregnant and ruined her life so that he can kill that person and in return he will have to take up his job and continue if he likes it and Of course the job is not bartending

This bartender lets lets call him agent. So agent takes out his time machine and takes John to past to that day he min that mysterious person in 1963. Here John finds out that He himself was the man who was his former self lover and the child was born from his own self-fertilization which later was stolen by agent and put to orphanage back in 1945. Hence Jane, John and the Child are all the same person so a self fulfilling prophecy

Now this Agent comes back from 1945 and convinces John that he will have to leave Jane behind then both go to temporal agency there John takes on the job of Temporal Agent and the agent is now retired. The agent finds one day that he is still able to use the time machine so he goes back again in time to stop the fizzle bomber. The fizzle bomber convinces the agent that both of then are same person and the fizzle bomber is suffering from psychosis because of excess time travel and is trying to save the world and because of him bombing places before mass murderers could use them he has managed to save a lot of live and will save a lot many and asks agent to spare his life but agent says he will never become like him and kills the fizzle bomber his own future self.

Later it is revealed that at the start of the movie it was John whose face was burnt and he himself was the agent and he himself was the fizzle bomber. So yeah The Ultimate Predestination Paradox

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