Benefits of getting Rejected

What is a Rejection actually?

Let’s understand rejection we can define rejection as “an act of refusing something by someone”. Here Something is an idea, values, product, proposal and things like that and Someone can be anyone your family, friends, coworkers, managers, pets, etc.

I know rejection doesn’t have a pleasant feeling but it is unavoidable and it is not some thing you can control. you can avoid rejections only if you never get out of comfort zone and are a people pleaser but then at this point you can be dead instead.

A ship in harbor is safe ā€” but that is not what ships are built for.

J. A. Shedd

No matter how good a person you are and how much talented you are. You will always be rejected at some points or many points in your life by people, parents, teachers, friends and even animals for your ideas, feelings and your way of doing things.

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance. 

Ray Bradbury

Story –

Story Time!!! I experienced my first real rejections very late in my life because I almost never did questionable stuff. But, now here I am getting rejected at all phase of life at Job, friends, crushes, girlfriends and once even by a dog. Since I had not experienced much of rejections I am having trouble to process all the rejections I have been facing. Slowly I am starting to understand these rejections and now I am getting better at handling them and here are the things I learned.

  • More early you face rejections the better you get at handling it in later life.
  • Rejections are not always personal sometimes you are rejected because of circumstances and how fit you are for e.g. recently I interviewed for a wrong job role so I was rejected.
  • Rejection is helpful to keep you in check about your life decisions about your personality about your skills and career.
  • If you are getting rejected then know that you are progressing and becoming a better self. You start to understand what you should do and what you should not.
  • Lastly, I don’t have to suffer thinking of the rejections that I have faced. this step takes practice but at one point you will be able to master it.

Sometimes rejection in life is re-direction

Science of rejection –

So rejection’s are inevitable but why it is so painful? what is the science behind rejection?

Scientists say rejection activates the same part of brain that is activated to physical pain

It all started when our ancestor were hunters at that time we had to be in groups to survive and for that we needed to be accepted in the groups anything questionable and weird would get us kicked out of our tribe and it was very fearful. So rejection is painful because our brain gets active when we are rejected and it think we are going to die it may sound silly but it has been hardcoded in our brain through years of evolution. Basically rejections used to keep you in check if you are doing anything wrong.

These situations of our ancestor are not here anymore but we didn’t evolve as fast as our society we no longer need to be afraid of fitting in a society and the world is big enough to fit all our ideas and ideologies. So just fight rejections with head on.

Conclusion –

You are not alone and It’s fine everybody gets rejected at some point or at all points you just have to get better at handling it.

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