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Hello! I recently discovered this extremely useful application called notion. I am not easily Impressed by any applications but this notion truly won my heart. You can sign up for notion from here. I have been using this for quite a while for all sorts of word and tracking. I have a created a lot of notion templates and the one notion template that I am sharing in this blog is super useful. Simple yet useful.

If you don’t control your TIME, Then TIME will control you

How many time have you experienced that you are losing track of time and not able to concentrate in the moment and get lost in thoughts or just become lazy and avoid tasks just because you are very bad at managing time?

Notion template – The Last 30 min

30 min home page

I call this Notion template the last 30 minutes and you can access & duplicate this template by clicking here. The basic idea behind this template is to break your working time into blocks of 30 minutes and after the end of every 30 minute log what did you work on for the past 30 minutes and was it productive?.

To do this click on new -> select template last 30 min

30 min selected

The notion template will be loaded with 30 min time intervals. you can modify this as per your needs but my day starts at 9 pm so my template starts at 9am

notion template in use

As you can see I make a log every 30 minutes and mark that block as productive if it was really productive 30 minutes.

At the end of the day I analyze the part of life where I have to self reflection and where I am wasting my time actually. I am sure this notion template will help a lot of people because it did for me and don’t worry you wont have to do this forever just for few days or weeks by then you will form habit and once that happens you can be on your own.

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