What I learned about dreams & passion from The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The story is about a boy who had a dream about a treasure and in a world where people give up on their dreams saying as impossible or unachievable this boy sets on a path to obtain that treasure and proves everybody wrong. The book very well describes the journey and hardships of us finding our treasures.

I really liked the simple English of this book and from start to finish this story was able to keep my 100 percent attention. who am I to comment on the story and content of this book it is already a fan favorite.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it

Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

That’s right when you want something very deeply even universe comes forward and helps you in getting what you truly desire.

Story –

It starts with a boy names Santiago having recurrent dreams about a treasure and a fortune teller interprets his dream as a prophecy and that the boy will find the treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. Now, this boy sets out on the journey to find the treasure of his dreams. In the process he has to sell his sheep has to face many hardships and travel from place to place. He is also robbed of his money that he got by selling his sheep by a con man who promised to take Santiago to the pyramids in Egypt.

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

Suppose you get what whatever you dream of without any effort then what value will your dreams have. where will be the excitement. It is the possibility that gives the thrill of chasing your dreams and the journey that you go through to reach your treasure. Same happened for our poor boy Santiago. Few good things happen to Santiago falls in love with a girl named Fatima to whom he wishes to marry and is just about to be satisfied with his life and was about to leave his dream but soon is convinced to follow his dream Journey and he should not sacrifice his destiny for his love.

Santiago finds an another companion to go to Egypt. He reached the pyramids of Egypt only to be robbed again by the thieves. Santiago starts digging beneath the pyramids for his treasure but the leader of thieves laugh at his foolishness of trying to obtain a treasure that he saw in his dream and leader shares his own recurrent dream of getting a treasure in Spain at a ruined church but he was not foolish to cross the desert for such a silly dream and this church was the same place where Santiago first had his dreams.

This Santiago realizes where really his treasure. He has travelled half the world only to know that the treasure what just where his journey had started. So he goes back and looks for treasure and finds it and this is how the journey ends..

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure

Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

You see sometimes the treasure is close but we cant get it because we are not working towards achieving it. The treasure was right there where Santiago started his journey but he did not get the treasure right away because that was not the right time and the old Santiago was not the deserving one he only became deserving of the treasure when he put all his energy towards achieving his dreams and In the process he truly lived his dream met a lot of people some good some bad and his love Fatima. So yes It is the Journey that makes the goal worth it and not just the achievement of the goal itself.

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