Hey friends —

I am Rajesh Yadav. A software Engineer | YouTuber and Blogger | I contribute to make the world a better place with my skills.

My favourite quotes –

You miss 100% of chance that you don’t take.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Steve Jobs

You can always make more MONEY. What you can’t make more of is TIME.

As a kid I was passionate about Science and Technology. First time I was in awe was when I learned that people have been to the moon and back alive! I started researching on space, stars, black holes, nebula, rockets and NASA so that I can go on such a Journey of my own.

Next turning point for me was when I was first introduced to computer games the concept that you can be a fictional character and roam in a fictional world and freedom to do almost anything was too much for my simple mind. This got me interested in computer programming.

Later I started watching Hollywood movies and this changed me a lot as you can guess I started watching all the Science Fiction Time Travel & Teleportation were the concepts I couldn’t get enough off from here starts my journey of writing stories.

3 years back i got my first job and was introduced to my own earned money. It wasn’t much but it was enough for me to feel powerful with few thousands in my hand. Here I wished to earn loads of em and started searching ways to earn more but I gave up why?

So what the point?

I waste a lot of my time in nostalgia feeling good old days.

So this Site is dedicated to that old kid in ME!!. Here I write about life, Productivity, Science, Movies & Tech , stories pretty anything that exciting to me.

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